Advance TMJ Massage

Mouth massage, or intraoral massage as it's commonly called, is a procedure performed by a massage therapist for clients with TMJ. It is usually administered by placing gloves on the hand and opening the patient's mouth, massaging the muscles inside the mouth to relieve the pain from TMJ. 

60 minutes - $150

*Membership rate excluded

Skin Care

Rejuvenating Skin Studio is a warm and welcoming place for all skin enthusiasts!

The founder of Rejuvenating Skin Studio Olivia, began her career with a holistic mindset. She thrives in providing the most relaxing experience while delivering a personalized skin care treatment. She is strongly passionate about teaching her clients how they too can surpass all skin concerns with determination and great home care.

Aside from providing the most relaxing facials and skin care treatments, she also offers full body waxing. 

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Our Treatments

Science is now aware of the validity to Body Mind Connection. Energy is that connection. Energy flows throughout the body with messages of love, joy,fear, anxiety just to name some powerful ones. These emotions trigger particular energy in the body and can create wellness or disease. Energy work focuses on clearing the individual's core. There may be blocks within the physical body and/or chakras (the body's energy centers). Each individual experience may be different from feeling warmth, seeing colors, experiencing energy movement or maybe just a calming effect for example. For this treatment you lay on the table clothed while the session is performed.​

60 minutes - $60     90 minutes - $90

Energy Work

*Aromatherapy, foot scrub, and acute lava stone treatment available upon request at a $20 additional charge.

Maternity Massage

This soothing body, swedish massage, is the traditional light to medium pressure massage that will improve your overall wellbeing by increasing circulation, relieving tension, and eliminating muscle fatigue.

60 minutes - $65     90 minutes - $90

Member Pricing 
60 minutes - $49     90 minutes - $70

A gentle, relaxing maternity massage specifically designed for the expectant mothers, focusing on the needs and discomforts that accompany the joy of pregnancy. Designed to alleviate muscle tension and aches as well as relieve swelling and stress on joints. Experience a delightful treatment for the mother-to-be.

60 minutes - $75     90 minutes - $100

Member Pricing 
60 minutes - $49     90 minutes - $70

A therapeutic massage awaits you at OneSelf Therapy!

 Our focus is to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Browse our therapeutic massage treatments to the right and indulge in a tranquil experience

Swedish Massage

This therapeutic massage focuses on deep muscle and connective tissue. This massage is customized to your needs using various therapies such as trigger points, friction, and stretching.This treatment alleviates chronic tension and assist the body in releasing toxin.

60 minutes - $75     90 minutes - $100

Member Pricing 

60 minutes - $49     90 minutes - $70

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage

OneSelf Therapy

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